BWN Rating

The exchange of ideas that fuels scientific progress is quelled when smart, capable and creative voices in the field are not heard. BiasWatchNeuro recommends, at minimum, that conferences reflect the base rate of females in the field in question. Moreover, to counteract other sources of bias against female researchers, to inspire female trainees, and to increase the participation of women in science in the longer term, higher than base rate is recommended. Each of you, as a conference organizer, speaker or attendee, can help eliminate bias in science. BWN ratings are now reflected in categories of posts. Click on the post to see the category.

BiasWatchNeuro categories:

5: more than 2 standard deviations above base rate
4: within 2 standard deviations above base rate
3: at or within 1 standard deviation above base rate
2: within 1 standard deviation below base rate
1: within 2 standard deviations below base rate
0: more than 2 standard deviations below base rate

*standard deviation calculated as sqrt(p(1-p)/n)

The BWN categories are a work in progress and feedback is welcomed on the scale, methods and base rate calculations.

To contribute information about conferences, seminar series or other scientific programs, or to provide feedback or alternative base rate estimations for specific subfields, contact