Conference Watch at a glance

We’re excited to announce Conference Watch at a glance, an interactive visualization of every conference that BWN has posted since our inception in 2015. We hope this tool will help provide a more holistic view of our reporting and help keep track of recurring conferences of interest. We aim to update this visualization monthly with new reports. Click here to interact with the graph.

View on desktop for best display.
The reduced number of conferences covered in 2019 and 2020 reflect the transitory period within the BiasWatchNeuro team and COVID-19 related conference cancellations, respectively.

Click on the visualization to explore the following features:

  • Identify each conference (mouse over or click on a point)
  • Search for a conference’s rating or compare a number of conference (“Search Conference Name” > Deselect “All” > Type a conference name > Check selected conference)
  • Filter by time based on the date BWN published its report (Click on the start/end date > Type/navigate to desired date OR drag the bar)
  • Highlight conferences by rating (click on the rating number to highlight) or by selection (drag mouse on graph to select and highlight points)
  • Examine the trendline data (click on the trendline to see significance and R-squared ratings)

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