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We regularly highlight the women:men ratio of invited speakers at conferences, workshops, and courses in the field of neuroscience.

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Transatlantic Behavioural Neuroscience Summer School

Conference link Organisers:Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Invited speakers gender ratio: 7 Women: 4 Men (70%)Estimated base rate of women in the field: 32%*BWN rating: 5 (i.e. 2 or more standard deviations above base rate) *Method of estimation: previously established base rate of women in the neuroscience field

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Neuromatch 4.0 Conference in Computational Neuroscience

Link to the Conference Agenda Organisers:Dan Goodman, Konrad Kording, Brad Wyble, Titipat Achakulvisut, Chris Rozell, Yiota Poirazi, Megan Peters, Bing Brunton, Anne Urai, Jennifer Bizley, Alberto Antonietti, Jeremy Forest Invited speakers gender ratio: 2 Women: 3 Men (40%)Estimated base rate of women in the field: 26%*BWN rating: 3 (i.e. within or at 1 standard deviation…

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Conference Watch at a Glance

We’re excited to announce Conference Watch at a glance, an interactive visualization of every conference that BWN has posted since our inception in 2015. 

We welcome any feedback and contributions at, or contact us here.