Databases of women scientists and speakers from diverse backgrounds

FoVea Speaker List

NSF-funded database of women scientists available to speak at conferences and academic events

Society for Neuroscience Diverse Speakers List

Resources and organisations to recruit diverse speakers

Women in Neuroscience

Repository of women neuroscientists for conferences, symposia or collaborations

Anne’s List

List of women neuroscientists grouped by topic area

Women in BrainStim

Database of women researchers in the brain stimulation field.


A list of organisations to recruit diverse speakers


Directory of diverse ecologists and evolutionary biologists for hiring, seminars, and awards


Database of women researchers from all disciplines

Alba Network

Network of speakers from diverse backgrounds, searchable by research field

Tools for promoting gender diversity

Citation Transparency

Chrome web extension adding probabilistic gender info to Google Scholar searches

Conference Diversity Calculator

A calculator that models the probability distribution for male/female speaker balance assuming random selection

CleanBib Project

Code to help you analyze the predicted gender and race of first and last authors in reference lists as you write your manuscript

Gender Citation Balance Index

A webtool to estimate the Gender Citation Balance Index of your reference list. (Similar to CleanBib Project but without the need to download any code)

Organisations encouraging women to join STEM

The Synapse Project

Empowering girls to join the field of neuroscience through mentorship and opportunity

Girls in Science: Future Focus Program

An afterschool program for middle school girls to meet women in science and learn about science careers

Sister Websites


Tracking representation of women speakers at evolutionary biology conferences


Tracking representation of women speakers at archaeology conferences


Tracking representation of women speakers at science conferences in India

BiasWatchNeuro in the News