UK Neural Computation Conference

UK Neural Computation Conference

Organizers: Mark Humphries, Hannes Saal, Robert Schmidt, Stuart Wilson
Sponsors: Medical Research Council, Precision Imaging Beacon University of Nottingham
Speaker gender ratio: 4 Women : 6 Men (40%)
Estimated* base rate of women in the field: 17-20%

*Method of estimation: Previously established base rate of women in computational neuroscience.


Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (RLDM2019)

Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (RLDM2019)

Organizers: Catherine Hartley and Michael Littman
Invited speaker gender ratio: 7 Women : 9 Men (44%) 
Estimated* base rate of women in the field: 24-25%

*Method of estimation: Established base rate from the inaugural conference on reinforcement learning and decision making (RLDM) in 2013

Bernstein Conference 2019

Bernstein Conference 2019

Organizers: Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen (BCCN Göttingen)
Invited speaker gender ratio: 4 Women : 7 Men (36%)
Estimated* base rate of women in the field: 17-18%

*Method of estimation: Since the conference is advertised as “the largest annual Computational Neuroscience Conference in Europe” we used the base rate in the field of computational neuroscience as calculated from attendance at COSYNE 2016.

BNA Christmas Symposium 2018

BNA Christmas Symposium 2018

Sponsors: see here
Speaker* gender ratio: 4 Women : 4 Men (50%)
Estimated** base rate of women in the field: 32%

*Not including one pseudonymous speaker. Including a ninth speaker as either male or female, we get a ratio of either 44% or 56%.
**Method of estimation: previously established base rate of women in neuroscience.
***At the time of posting, there was an error in our base rate using Society for Neuroscience registration data; this has now been corrected.