Neuroscience Methods in Human-Robot Interaction

IEEE RO-MAN workshop on Neuroscience Methods in Human-Robot Interaction

Organizers: Burcu A. Urgen, Ayse P. Saygin and Emily S. Cross
Invited speaker gender ratio: 4 Women : 1 Man (80%)(or 50% if we don’t count the organizers as invited speakers)
Estimated* base rate of women in the field: 15%??

*Method of estimation: we are not sure how to estimate the base rate in this subfield. In general there is a dearth of women in robotics, for instance, the proportion of women faculty in CMU’s Robotics Institute is a mere 6.7% (although women make up 15% of the affiliated faculty of the institute and 19% of its postdoctoral fellows) so this has got to be an all time high.