Human Brain Project Satellite Symposium to SfN 2016: Collaborative Neuroscience and Enabling Infrastructure

Human Brain Project Satellite Symposium to SfN 2016: Collaborative Neuroscience and Enabling Infrastructure

Organizers: Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Eilif Muller, Jeff Muller, David Lester and Andrew Davison
Invited speaker gender ratio: 2 Women : 6 Men (25%)
Estimated* base rate of females in the field: 24%

*Method of estimation: since the “symposium brings together researchers and engineers from the Human Brain Project (HBP) with the larger neuroscience community to discuss
how the HBP Platforms can catalyze collaborative neuroscience research by the community, and highlight selected complementary initiatives to explore synergies” we used the previously established base rate of women in neuroscience.