15th Annual Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society Symposium

15th Annual Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society Symposium

Organizers: Li-Huei Tsai, Bong-Kiun Kang and Ted Abel
Sponsors: Science Signaling (AAAS), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL), Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Elsevier) GENENTECH and The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
Invited speaker gender ratio:  10 Women :   7 Men (59%)
Estimated* base rate of females in the field: 33%

*Method of estimation: We searched NIH RePORTER with keyword  “(molecular OR cellular) AND cognition” and counted the ratio of women among the unique researchers in pages 1, 19, 37, 54 and 71 of 71 results pages.