SCGB Postdoc Meeting Series

 Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain (SCGB) Postdoc Meeting Series**

NY-area meeting organizers: Kanaka Rajan and  James Murray
West Coast meeting organizer: Anna Gillespie
Total invited speaker gender ratio: 12 Women : 16 Men (43%)
NY-area invited speaker ratio: 8 Women :  12 Men (40%)
West Coast invited speaker gender ratio: 4 Women : 4 Men (50%)
Estimated* base rate of women in the field: 17-20%

*Method of estimation: Previously established base rate of women in computational neuroscience.
**Numbers are for all meeting held up until May 2018. 14 meetings are included: 10 NY-area meetings (since June 2016) and 4 West Coast meetings (since June 2017).