Updated Neuroscience Base Rate

For the past year, we have used aggregated demographic data based on SfN annual meeting registration to calculate a base rate for conferences falling under the general topic of “neuroscience,” and in our journal watch posts. This aggregated demographic data has been provided by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), however all calculations and analysis are ours.

We have recently received updated and historical numbers from the Society for Neuroscience. The new base rates have been added to the neuroscience base rate page, along with a table of base rates per year.

During the calculation of the new base rates from the 2018 SfN annual meeting, we found an error in calculating the faculty base rate from the 2017 annual meeting. All affected posts have been updated. In addition, if the BWN rating (category) of a conference changed as a result of this error, a note was added. We are also making the aggregated numbers available on the neuroscience base rate page to prevent future mistakes.

Here is a look at the SfN base rates per year:

SfN Base Rates By Year (2)