#BWNFridayPost: Mitigating white Western individualistic bias and creating more inclusive neuroscience

Link to the paper

This paper by Linzie Taylor and Karen S. Rommelfanger discusses how currently, neuroscience is not meeting its full potential–and how this can be improved. They argue that this is due to white Western individualist bias (WWIB), which leads to the ignorance of many factors in neuroscience research that would otherwise promote equality. One such example from the paper, among many given, is EEG scans, and how despite the fact that they have much more noise when used on scalps of people with coarse and curly hair (i.e. in populations of African descent), neuroscience has continued heavily depending on using EEG globally for about 100 years. After illustrating this problem, the authors develop a framework for a more “relational” approach to science–an approach that, if adopted by neuroscientists, will hopefully increase the inclusivity of research as a whole.