#BWNFridayPost: Navigating Academia as Neurodivergent Researchers: Promoting Neurodiversity Within Open Scholarship

This article is written by Flavio Azevedo, Sara Middleton, Jenny Mai Phan, Steven Kapp, Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe, Bethan Iley, Mahmoud Elsherif, & John J. Shaw

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This article shares the authors’ experiences of navigating academia as neurodivergent researchers. It has a lot of meaningful information about what neurodiversity is, how it is (often negatively) represented in psychology (and how it should be represented instead), and the challenges neurodivergent researchers face within academia. Additionally, the authors share concrete recommendations for how we can support neurodiversity in academia, such as by implementing universal design principles.

Read the article here for a lot more details and insightful points!