BANCOM 2016 – Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement

BANCOM 2016 – Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement 2016

Organizers: Daniel Ferris, Yasin Dhaher, Fran Gavelli, Rachael Seidler, Doug Weber, Paul Zehr
Invited speaker gender ratio: 17 Women : 28 Men (38%)
Estimated* base rate of females in the field: 30%

*Method of estimation: Same as used for Neuromechanics 2016 conference. [Searching NIH RePORTER with the term “neuromechanics” brought 13 results, 12 unique PIs, out of them 2 women (17%). But since the conference included speakers from computational neuroscience, biomechanics, clinical gait analysis, and rehabilitation robotics, we searched with those terms (with an OR relationship) and obtained 34 pages of results. We then counted the percentage of women out of unique PIs on pages 10 and 20.]