The Third Annual Symposium on the Undiscovered Claustrum


The Third Annual Symposium on the Undiscovered Claustrum

Organizers: Brian Mathur, David Reser, Jared Smith
Funders: Crick-Jacobs Center, Scientifica, ChiSquare Bioimaging
Invited speaker gender ratio: 0 Women : 7 Men (0%)
Estimated* base rate of females in the field: 20%

*Method of estimation: Undiscovered indeed.. searching NIH RePORTER with the term “claustrum” returned only 8 funded grants since 1992, 5 unique PIs, out of them 1 woman. Even with a relatively understudied area, we would have been surprised if only men have discovered the claustrum so far, given that all of the statistics on BiasWatchNeuro suggest that there are no subfields without women in neuroscience..
[We welcome a better estimate of the base rate in the field, e.g. from the membership of The Society for Claustrum Research]